Working Chaos

Completed at: INSIDE - KABK, The Hague, Netherlands

With: Studio Makkink & Bey

Year: 2017

What does it mean to work in the public space? In a place where I do not feel at home? How can it improve my working process?

The project is about my personal practice and way of working. After a deep and introspective analysis, I tried to force myself to work in the outdoor space, in a chaotic environment. I wanted to see and understand how thick my bubble can be. My safe space; the one that I create around me to feel secure in which all the dynamics are known.

Through my process I have understood that sometimes these very well-know dynamics become limitations and in order to see the unknown I had to test their being a limitation. Public spaces can be much more chaotic and less comfortable then the space I used to work in, and that became my motto.

Nowadays, public spaces are not much used as a space of public interaction, they don’t belong people. They are mainly experienced as a space of passage. Trying to work in a space that isn’t made for it, it means to open up to a working practice that keeps this use in mind. The new experience of interaction with the changed environment pushed me to physically create new tools to master the new practice. I created objects with what the environment had to offer, found materials, and this also forced me to cooperate and share the process with other users of the public space.


Urban Exploration

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