The Urban Valley

Completed at: Gorizia, Italia

With thanks to: Gianfranco Guaragna
Year: 2017

This is my bachelor graduation project, realised in the city of Gorizia.
The challenge was to reactivate a place in the city that has been left behind for long time and give it a new function that would fit the current demand.

My project started from the story of
Mrs. Odone Lenassi, who was a businessman very close to the orphans.
When his time to die came, he left a villa in the centre of Gorizia with the desire of creating a centre for orphans. This urban park remains today unsed and became a perfect site for my project. Considering its central location I proposed its reactivation by taking into account young generations that today inhabit Gorizia, mainly students.  

The generating idea is inspired by the topography of the town. Gorizia, has a peculiar ground formation called Dolina. Such as a valley, it exists because of the topography of the ground.
My proposal gives shape to an urban valley that restores connections between people and the city. I molded the shape based on the axis of the lot. The idea was recreating this natural form but in a revisited way.

In order to define the function of these blocks I made a survey among the student, since Gorizia has a prominent university campus. 
The new structure hosts a library, a rehearsal studio, a meeting hub and a café.


Urban Exploration 

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