The Emerging
at Kolla Festival

Completed at: Antropical Art Residency, Luxembourg, 2018

With: Lucia Fiorani 

Year: 2018

Objects that stimulate automatic behaviours: a door and its handle, a chair that invites you to sit, a glass to drink from, a curtain to open, a staircase to step on. In the current era, we feel it is more and more relevant to discuss the agency of objects and our relationship to them. In an era of ecologic uncertainty, it becomes precious to establish some empathy with the world around us and with the non-human elements inhabiting it. Therefore, the importance of space.

During Antropical art residency, together with Lucia Fiorani, we proposed a series of installations that aimed to tell to the visitors anecdotes of the place. Alive stories narrated through normal objects. The final result was a combination of poetry and spacial interventions.

A certain arrangement of objects in space is able to influence our way of moving through a room, a corridor or a park. Places have a narrative, in which we perform and move and find our path. But this narrative is also changed by people’s rituals and habits. And normally, to change and act on a space and on the narrative of it, we have to be aware of our position. By concentrating on objects that make us perform unconscious and automatic action, we want to stimulate a reflection on the position we have as human beings when becoming part of a space. When we use a chair, we take a certain position from which we gain a specific perspective. Our project aims at underlining the importance of the stance we take, of the gestures we make to take that stance and of the things we see when we take it.

“You or some perception of you.
The wind welcomes you,
the water raises awareness.

Our skeletons look like the ones of bats. 
but with very short fingers.

Like bats, we are blind
looking for shadow -
fresh hidden corners.

Searching for shelter
finding our paths 
through total darkness.


Dino has a secret. 
Very few of those 
who climbed it 
menaged to come back




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