“I am a young designer with an artistic personality.
I am currently based between the city of Rotterdam and the countryside of Bologna, Italy. I believe in trans-disciplinary processes. I alternate the practise of design and architecture with farming and beekeeping. I create small objects out of scraps as well as detailed pieces carved in wood.
I am part of No Purpose Collective, a group of artists and designers that has an approach of thinking and doing translated in ephemeral works.


Artistic Experiences


MA Interior Architecture, KABK (Royal Academy of Art), The Hague, The Netherlands

Caledonian Language School, Edinburgh, 2016

Università degli Studi di Trieste, Facoltà di Architettura, 2016

Liceo Scientifico G. Oberdan, Trieste, 2012

Istituto Comprensivo T. Weiss, Trieste, 2005

Antropical Art Residency, Steinfort Mirador, Luxembourg, August 2018

Workshop at Floating University Berlin, raumlaborberlin, June 2018

Exhibition at Science Museum NEMO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2018

Exhibition Save_as Expo#2: Fertilizing Impotent Garden, nopurpose collective, The Hague, December 2017

Workshop with Thomas Rustemeyer, The Hague, November 2017

Workshop with Kitev Kultur Ass, Oberhausen, Germany, September 2017

Exhibition Guerra e Moda in collaboration with Arch. C. Lamonarca, Gorizia, Italy, July 2016

Deina Association

Shop Feir Traid, Bottega del Mondo, Trieste

Agesci Scout Association, Trieste