the Common Living

Completed at: Oberhausen, Germany

With: Refunc, Kitev and Inside

Year: 2017

Project realised in the city of Oberhausen, which used to be a main cultural center before WW2. The city after the world turned to be an industrial centre. Surrounded by industries Oberhausen now hosts thousands of workers and in the last years refugees and migrants.
Kitev is an association that tries to build space for commoning and for the unfolding a shared identity among the citizens of Oberhausen. With my colleagues of the Master INSIDE, we gave our contribution to the project.

The place we acted upon is a building where many apartments are inhabited by different social groups of migrants and refugees. Its central location, next to the train station, doesn not reflect an equal centrality within the urban context. Among people, on the contrary, this multi storey building is an enclave of a low standing and reputation.

We focused on the entrance of the building, trying to look at the resources available to give it an identity. Without forcing the inhabitants, we created occasions for communication, such as a notice board. The entrance is, above all, the space of interaction. Making it cozy and welcoming was at the base of our intervantion. 

Not a single material has been bought. From a local bike repair shop we got old inner tubes of bicycles that have been used for several compositions and arrangments with bunch of junk mail and magazines. 
The process was held in collaboration with the inhabitants and the ideas came out of them and their needs.


Urban Exploration

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